Saturday, September 29, 2007

Zend Certified Engineer, bis repetita

Zend Certified EngineerZend Certified EngineerFor the second time I successfully passed the Zend Engineer Certification :) First time was in June 2004 when I was contacted by Daniel Kushner, previous Zend's Director of Education. It covered PHP 4 and I was really proud to be the second Zend Certified Engineer in Europe.

This last friday I passed the certification that covers PHP 5 too. Comparing both certifications I would say that the PHP 5 one covers more topics than PHP 4's. The global difficulty of both certifications is high as you will not be able to pass them if you don't have a strong PHP experience. The main difference is that you really have more time to complete the new exam. I remember not having time enough to reply to all questions the first time and now I finished the exam in less than one hour which let me 20 minutes to review all my answers and leaving the room 10 minutes before the end.